CNC Financial Group, LLC housed in the accounting firm of Cordell, Neher & Company, PLLC was recognized for its outstanding achievements at 1st Global’s annual National Conference, November 19-21, 2014, at the Omni Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.

“Diamond Eagle firms set the standard of excellence in our business by creating meaningful outcomes for the individuals, families and businesses these firms serve,” says 1st Global founder and CEO Tony Batman. “Diamond Eagle firms are more than successful – they are significant because of the dedication of their people to this noble purpose.”

1st Global, a research and consulting partner for high-achieving CPA firms offering wealth management, is also pleased to congratulate Jeffery R. Neher, CPA on being named the winner of a 2014 Success to Significance Award. Neher was selected to receive the Success to Significance Award for his extraordinary commitment to ensuring CNC Financial Group, LLC will continue to serve future generations of clients by energetically leading the firm’s adoption of wealth management best practices and establishing a culture of teamwork, education and collaboration. Jeff is a founding member of CNC Financial Group, LLC and Cordell, Neher & Company, PLLC.

The Success to Significance award is one of six Founder’s Awards selected by Batman. The winners represent virtuous accomplishments reflecting 1st Global’s corporate values in the following areas: Advocacy, Wisdom Sharing, Knowing WHY, Challenging Conventional Wisdom, Being a Client Servant and Moving from Success to Significance.

1st Global is proud to celebrate CNC Financial Group, LLC for achieving Three Diamond Eagle status and for Neher receiving the Success to Significance Award. 1st Global admires the firm’s commitment to serving their clients through comprehensive financial advice, and congratulates CNC Financial Group, LLC on its continued growth and success.